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  Thursday, February 3, 2011

7:30 am    Registration and Breakfast
8:30 am   Opening Remarks
Session  I    Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Is There a Case for Surgical   
Joseph Maalouf, MD, and Wael Jaber, MD
9:00 am   Case Presentation
9:05 am   CABG Alone Provides Reasonable Outcomes!
Gosta Pettersson, MD
9:15 am   Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement at the Time of CABG is Needed
Rakesh Suri, MD
9:25 am   Response
9:30 am   Response
9:35 am   Questions and Answers
Session II   Are Newer Antiplatelet Therapies Superior to Conventional Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Post PCI?
9:45 am   Case Presentation
9:50 am Prasugrel or Ticagrelor Plus Aspirin Should be First Line Therapy
Leslie Cho, MD
10:00 am   Combination of Clopidogrel and Aspirin Remains First Line Therapy
Ziad Ghazzal, MD
10:10 am   Response
10:15 am   Response
10:20 am   Questions and Answers
10:30 am   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
Session III   CRT in Heart Failure: Hope for the Hopeless?
11:00 am   Case Presentation
11:05 am   Evidence for Prognostic Benefit
Walid Saliba, MD
11:15 am   Current Criteria Are Inadequate for Proper Patient Selection
Robert Frantz, MD
11:25 am   Response
11:30 am   Response
11:35 am   Questions and Answers
Session IV   Cardiology in the Gulf Region: Lessons from the Local Registries (I)
11:45 am   What Have We Learned from the Gulf ACS Registry
Khalid F. AlHabib, MD
12:00 noon   Questions
12:05 pm   Update on the Gulf Atrial Fibrillation Registry
Najib Al Rawahi, MD
12:20 pm   Questions
12:30 pm   LUNCH
Session V   Multivessel CAD - Surgery vs. PCI (SYNTAX, BARI)
2:00 pm   Case Presentation
2:05 pm   Surgery Offers Durable Results and Improves Prognosis
Gosta Pettersson, MD
2:20 pm   Modern PCI Should Be the First Option for Revascularization
Charanjit Rihal, MD
2:35 pm   Response
2:40 pm   Response
2:45 pm   Questions and Answers
3:00 pm   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
Session VI   Hypertension 2011: What is Adequate Blood Pressure Control?
3:30 pm   Leslie Cho, MD
3:50 pm   Questions and Answers
4:00 pm   Coffee/ Tea Break and Visit Exhibits
4:00 - 5:30 pm   Workshop 1: Valvular Heart Disease Cases and Management Options. Role of Echo, CT and MRI in Decision Making
Moderator: Wael A Jaber, MD, and Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD
    1. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis
   Joseph Maalouf, MD
    2. Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Regurgitation
   Brian Griffin, MD
3. Asymptomatic Severe Mitra Regurgitation
   Joseph Maalouf, MD
    4. Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation and Pulmonary Regurgitation
   Brian Griffin, MD

  Friday, February 4, 2011

Session VII   Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation Should be Corrected at Time of Mitral Valve Repair
Moderator: Hani Najm, MD, and Leslie Cho, MD
8:00 am   Case Presentation
8:05 am   Protagonist: Gosta Pettersson, MD
8:15 am   Antagonist: Rakesh Suri, MD
8:25 am   Response
8:30 am   Response
8:35 am    Questions and Answers
Session VIII   Chronic Stable CAD: Medical Therapy is Not Inferior to PCI 2011?: COURAGE Revisited
8:45 am   Case Presentation
8:50 am   Medical Management Is as Good as PCI Leslie Cho, MD
9:00 am   PCI is Better than Medical Management Charanjit Rihal, MD
9:10 am   Response
9:15 am   Response
9:20 am   Questions and Answers
9:30 am   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
Session IX   Thoracic Aortopathy 2011: State of the Science
Moderator: Hani K. Najm, MD
10:00 am   Case Presentation
10:05 am   Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy   Gosta Pettersson, MD
10:15 am   Treatment Guidelines for Marfan Syndrome Should Not Be Extended to Other Causes of Thoracic Aortopathy   Naser Ammash, MD
10:25 am   Response
10:30 am   Response
10:35 am   Questions and Answers
Session X   Atrial Fibrillation: Diverging Concepts in Treatment?
Moderator: Yaseen M.A. Mallawi, MD
10:45 am   Case Presentation
10:50 am   Ablation: First Line Therapy for Rhythm Control?   Walid Saliba, MD
11:00 am   Rate Control is Not An Inferior Choice   Yaseen Mallawi, MD
11:10 am   Response
11:15 am   Response
11:20 am    Questions and Answers
11:30 am    Lunch
Session XI   Cardiology in the Gulf Region: Lessons from the Local Registries (II)
2:00 pm   The Pandemic of Obesity In the Gulf. Khalid al Jaberi, MD
2:15 pm   Questions
2:20 pm   Heart Failure in the Middle East Awatif Abdulsalam Al Sousi, MD
2:35 pm   Questions
2:45 pm   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
Session XII   STEMI: Choice of Stent for Primary PCI
Moderator: Charanjit Rihal, MD
3:00 pm   Case Presentation
3:05 pm   DES is Superior to BMS
Ziad Ghazzal, MD
3:20 pm   BMS is As Good As DES
Leslie Cho, MD
3:35 pm   Response
3:40 pm   Response
3:45 pm   Questions and Answers
4:00 pm   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibits
4:15 - 5:30 pm   Workshop 2:
    1. Coronary Artery Disease Cases and Management Options
    Leslie Cho, MD
Ghazzal, MD
Rihal, MD
    Gosta Pettersson, MD

 Saturday, February 5, 2011

Session XII   Case Based Core Curriculum
8:30 am   PCI vs. Surgery for Mutivessel disease. 
Hani Najm, MD
8:45 am   Outcome of Surgery For Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis                        Zohair Al Halees, MD
9:00 am   Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Can We Eliminate Warfarin?   Current and Future Approaches   Wael Jaber, MD
9:15 am   Cardiac CT and Stress Testing: Antagonistic or Complementary Role? What is the significance of CT Calcium score? Mouza Al-Mallah, MD
9:30 am   Right Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension: What Is a Clinician to Do?  Robert Franz, MD
9:45 am    Bridge to Transplant Experience: Factors Influencing Survival To and After Cardiac Transplant   Katherine Hoercher, RN
10:00 am   New Therapies for Heart Failure: From Novel Agents to Non-drug Therapy Robert Franz, MD
10:15 am   Panel Discussion
10:45 am   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
11:15 am   NSTEMI: Management 2011: Who Should Have an Invasive Strategy?    Ziyad Ghazzal, MD
11:30 am   HCM: Heterogeneity of Phenotypes and Management                       Nasser Ammash, MD
11:45 am   Cardiac MRI in the assessment of cardiomyopathy? 
Mouaz Al Mallah, MD
12:00 pm   Adult Congenital management: Tips and Pitfalls for the General Cardiologist.  Mohammed Omar Galal, MD
12:15 pm   Panel Discussion
1:00 pm   LUNCH
Session XIV   Innovations in Management of Cardiovascular Diseases
2:00 pm   Robotic Surgery is Superior to Conventional Surgery for MV Repair     Rakesh Suri, MD
2:15 pm   3D Echo:A new Dimension in Cardiovascular Imaging. 
Ahmed Omran, MD
2:30 pm   Interventional Echo: Role of 3D
Joseph Maalouf, MD
2:45 pm   Percutaneous Valve Repair/Replacement Hybrid Procedures
Charanjit Rihal, MD
3:00 pm   Coffee/Tea Break and Visit Exhibit
3:20 - 5:00 pm   Workshop 3:
Bring a Case From Home ECG, Echo, Nuclear, CT and MRI
  Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD
Wael Jaber, MD
Naser Ammash, MD
Walid Saliba, MD
5:00 pm   Wrap-up and Adjourn

Khalid F. AlHabib, MD King Khalid University Hospital
Zohair Al Halees, MD King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Khalid al Jaberi, MD Mafraq Hospital
Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD King Abdul-Aziz Cardiac Centre
Najib Al Rawahi, MD The Royal Hospital, Oman
Awatif Abdusalam Al Sousi, MD Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Naser Ammash, MD Mayo Clinic
Leslie Sung Hee Cho, MD Cleveland Clinic
Robert Frantz, MD Mayo Clinic
Mohammed Omar Galal, MD King Fahad Medical City
Ziyad Ghazzal, MD Amercian University of Beirut
Brian Griffin, MD Cleveland Clinic
Katherine Hoercher, RN Cleveland Clinic
Wael Jaber, MD Cleveland Clinic
Joseph Maalouf, MD Mayo Clinic
Hani K. Najm, MD King Abdul-Aziz Cardiac Center
Ahmad Omran, MD King Abdul-Aziz Cardiac Center
Gosta Pettersson, MD Cleveland Clinic
Charanjit Rihal, MD Mayo Clinic
Walid Saliba, MD Cleveland Clinic
Rakesh Suri, MD Mayo Clinic

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